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Choose car air purifier to be cautious

time:2016-03-21 Author:Airbus hits:

     Persistent haze caused to take away attention from the haze purification products.Air pollution is not only influenced the outdoor environment and air quality in the home, also aggravate the in-car air pollution situation, combined with the car itself exists organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, the situation even more serious than outdoor air pollution.Many owners choose to use car air purifier, attempted to solve by this way the car of PM2.5 and the rest of the pollutants.

     The concept has a long history
In fact, car air purifier is not a new concept, as early as at the beginning of this century, there are research institutions on the discussion of related products.To nearly two years, with the spread of the concept of haze and household air purification market hot, car air purifier again into the owner's eye.As a professional manufacturer of car air purifier,AIRBUS automotive purification, regularly inspect car air purifier products on the market.To discover, in the present moment is very popular online mall, car air purifier sort very much, the price also each are not identical, from a few yuan to thousands of tens of thousands of yuan.Most product claims to purify the PM2.5, pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, however, the current domestic market is not standard air purification, useless, how helpful car air purifier really are?These problems can surround in the consumers' mind.

     Purification efficiency of different vibrations
AIRBUS automotive purification said,Car air purifierIs made from a household cleaner evolution, either from the perspective of design or from the function can find home purifier shadow, just, car air purifier is more delicate than home.In the structure and principle, etc., most car purifier USES are on the market mainstream "screen + activated carbon" configuration, in this way, can have certain purification effect of particulate matter, many consumers said that after use or to feel the change of air inside the car.But the only fly in the ointment is that the structure of air purifier needs regular replacement filter, or it will cause the secondary pollution.

     Good and evil people mixed up, choose more need to be careful
The rapid development of car air purifier, to a certain extent, also led to the good and bad are intermingled of market products.Some consumers to buy car purifier didn't agree with that, the effect is not obvious, purify the effect is relatively small.Especially in such aspects as to formaldehyde, peculiar smell.

     AIRBUS automotive purification analysis, in recent years, in most of the electrical appliances product market scale growth even slightly under the condition of negative growth, car air purifier is still maintained the growth rate of 28% a year and rapid development.In the face of such a large market demand and economic interests, some unscrupulous merchants inevitably appeared some non-standard behavior.

     AIRBUS automotive purification to consumers, recommend a few home dual-use car purifier: AB8300, AB8820, AB8810, AB8200, purify the effect is remarkable, multiple purification, efficient odor removal, removal of PM2.5.Give you a forest environment.