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Ozone-Generating Air Purifiers

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The Negative Health Effects of Ozone

Breathing in ozone can damage your lungs and have a number of ill consequences. The following list is based on the EPA's findings regarding the health effects of ozone exposure:

  1. Causes Coughing -  Ozone can make you cough, irritate your throat, leave you short of breath, and cause aching in your chest, even in relatively low doses.
  2. Inflames Your Lungs -  It can damage your respiratory system by inflaming the cells that line your lungs.
  3. Possible Permanent Lung Damage -  It can cause permanent damage to the lungs themselves in some instances. For example, if a child is exposed to ozone, it can interfere with the growth and development of the lungs. In adults, it can accelerate the deterioration of the lungs that comes naturally with aging.
  4. Worsens Asthma - If someone with asthma inhales ozone, it can worsen his or her condition even further.
  5. Worsens Emphysema and Bronchitis - Likewise, ozone can exacerbate other lung diseases as well, including emphysema and bronchitis.
  6. Interferes With Immune System -  It can interfere with the functioning of the body's immune system around the lungs, leaving you more vulnerable to airborne infections because your body is less capable of fighting them off.
  7. Damage Continues - Some of the immediate irritation caused by ozone may subside after a few days of exposure, even if you are still inhaling it at the same levels. Though this might feel like a relief, it can lull us into a false sense of security. The EPA pamphlet "Ozone and Your Health"  states that "ozone continues to cause lung damage even when the symptoms have disappeared."

As you can see, it would be wise to take care to avoid ozone whenever possible. But if ozone is so unhealthy, why do some air purification manufacturers make products that deliberately introduce it into your home? We will now move from discussing ozone in general to examining the effectiveness and safety of these systems.

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